Aryon - Internet Carriage Service Acceptable Use Policy


1. The Internet Services the Customer has requested fall under Aryon Pty Ltd’s Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”), and the Customer must comply with the AUP. Aryon Pty Ltd’s AUP has been compiled for the following reasons:

1.1. To protect subscribers of Aryon Pty Ltd’s Internet Service

1.2. To meet legal, regulatory and government policies

1.3. To mitigate possible impacts by users on the delivery of services

2. Usernames and Passwords - The Customer must keep the password and username that the Customer uses to subscribe to the Internet Service completely confidential. The Customer will be responsible for any use of the Internet Service, regardless of who connects to the Internet Service, when using the Customer’s account

3. Illegal and Inappropriate use of the Aryon Pty Ltd’s network - The Customer is not authorised to access Aryon Pty Ltd’s network or systems for any purpose other than to use the Internet Service in accordance with this AUP and other applicable agreements with Aryon Pty Ltd for supply of the Internet Service. The Customer must also not use the Internet Service to breach any applicable criminal laws or to infringe on the rights of a third party. This includes the Customer using the Internet Service to, without limitation:

3.1 breach of the law order or regulation through fraudulent, deceptive or illegal activity;

3.2 infringe censorship laws and classification of material;

3.3 discriminate or incite discrimination against people or groups due to religion, race or gender and so on;

3.4 engage in illegal business activities or practices such as gambling;

3.5 damage people or property including the use defamatory statements, harassing, stalking or menacing people or individuals;

3.6 provide a minor with access to inappropriate material or establish (or try to establish) contact with a minor not otherwise known to the Customer;

3.7 publish, distribute, transmit any material that Aryon Pty Ltd reasonably suspects is offensive or obscene;

3.8 distribute electronic communications (SMS, email, chat) such as unsolicited SPAM, disguise the origin of email communications;

3.9 participate in any attempt to cause any computer system (including Aryon Pty Ltd’s system) to malfunction, whether by way of viruses, worms, trojan horses, denial of service attacks, spoofing, SPAM, Open relay and port probing or otherwise.

3.10 attempt to alter data, billing information or usage limits provided by Aryon Pty Ltd for the Customers Internet Service; or

3.11 obtain unauthorised access to any computer system, including unauthorised access to Aryon Pty Ltd’s system (for example, by attempting to use the account of another user).

4. Consequences of a breach by the Customer - Aryon Pty Ltd does not inspect or monitor the contents of transmitted information when the Customer uses the Internet Service; however Aryon Pty Ltd will investigate complaints of any nature of inappropriate use of the Internet Service. Aryon Pty Ltd will use its reasonable endeavours to safeguard the privacy of all parties in the event of an investigation. Aryon Pty Ltd may take one or more of the following actions if the Customer is suspected of a policy breach:

4.1 provide relevant government and regulatory authorities with information pertaining to suspected illegal activities or infringements of this AUP;

4.2 cease provision of the Internet Service to the Customer;

4.3 deny or suspend the Customer’s access to, or limit the Customer’s use of, the Internet Service; or

4.4 delete or edit any of the Customer’s data stored on Aryon Pty Ltd’s computer systems.

5 Complaints - in the event that the Customer suspects a violation of Aryon Pty Ltd’s Acceptable Use Policy please forward electronic correspondence to support@