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The health and aged care sector is on a significant growth path, and developments will continue to accelerate. Providers, and those involved in the sector, will stand a far better chance of capitalising on this growth if they are aware, and stay on top of the major trends in the industry. It is vital to take advantage of the right tools, especially with regards to technology investments.

Technology alone won't solve Health/Aged Care issues and challenges. However, integrating technology with people and processes will go a long way to supporting sustainability and growth.

Business Issues & Challenges

Solutions to help in these areas include:

  • Enabling the productive use of Technology in the field
  • Improving Rostering and Scheduling
  • Attracting and retaining the new Generation of workforce (soon they'll account for over half the workforce)
  • Effective Cloud Adoption
  • Protection of information and data from cyber attacks
  • Globalisation
  • Changing Nature of Funding
  • Using data to enable insight and facilitating better decision making
  • Improved asset Management - tracking and tracing a wide variety of assets
  • Providing the technological environment baby boomers expect


Skills & Experience

  • Snappy wireless networks enabling new and improved care services
  • Safe and secure next generation networks and protection
  • Location aware networks
  • Cloud Delivered IT Solutions
  • Using data to provide insight for more informed and faster decision making
  • Industry best in class out-tasked IT operations and support





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