“This is just a short note about the new wireless network at Eddies. I feel that the design and implementation of the new network has been fantastic.... The difference between the current system and the one that I experienced last year is like “chalk and cheese”. It has made a huge difference to the teaching and learning environment within the classrooms. Students are now able to access resources, synchronise Class Onenote Notebooks and install software from SCCM in a timely and efficient manner. Software that used to take more than the 45 minutes of a lesson to install, now takes no more than 4 – 5 minutes.”

Simon Grier - St Edmunds College

“Connect2Group requested that Aryon conduct a cyber-attack test on our staff. This they conducted and after the test, they supplied Connect2Group a detailed report on... how many staff opened the email, how many clicked on the links and how many completed the training module if they did click on one of the links.

The test was I real eye opener in regard to what staff will open without really thinking about if the email is actually SPAM. I highly recommend that you go through this test process as it is easy to setup up and the Aryon staff help you each step of the way.”

Ronald Hine - Connect2Group

“I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you for all the work you and your team of amazing people have done for us this year and the past few years.... You really do have an extraordinary group of people and AWM and I especially are so grateful for the level of support they’ve provided.”

Vanessa Smith - Australian Wholesale Meats

“Our security solutions were not meeting our technical requirements and along with being very desperate and a considerable overhead operationally to manage.... Moving from a predominantly outsourced IT support model to an insourced arrangement and jointly moving to Sophos helped simplify the support transition with the provision of a quality security toolset. This allowed us to regain complete visibility and control across endpoints including Web and Email without presenting as a significant overhead to the project.

Aryon and Sophos partnered to offer the complete multi-layered approach that was technically sound, commercially attractive and gave us the capability and visibility we needed to efficiently govern a growing fleet of endpoint devices. We are extremely pleased and confident with the approach and outcome Aryon and Sophos partnered with us to achieve.”

Simon Burley - PPK Group

“Thank you very much for your time yesterday. The improvement in performance at Zillah St was discussed today at our manager’s meeting and the feedback was... extremely positive and was noted by our CEO..”

Al Cranswick - Brisbane Youth Services

“I thought it might be time to pass on some praise for the work Ayron conducts with Senex on a regular basis. As you are aware we recently deployed... a new Satellite network to our remote locations in the Cooper Basin. Aryon was a key component in the delivery project and provided service above and beyond the normal service delivery.

I chose to partner with Aryon due to the nature of specialised expertise in the products you recommend and supply. Aryon has a deep understanding of our needs and you apply your technology capabilities proficiently. I have recommended your services to other companies in the past and will continue to do so in the future.”

Giles Newton - Senex Energy

“Aryon came into our business and took a fresh approach at assisting with our technology needs. They truly take an outcome focus that considers our business... needs and we have been delighted with the result and the relationship.”

Mike Duncan - ExoBiz Services