This is a short guide illustrating how to connect your Microsoft Office 365 service using an iOS device. If you run into any troubles that prevent the standard setup procedure from completing successfully; contact your IT expert for help. Note: The … Read More

Small and midsize organisations simply cannot afford to disregard security. Without it there’s more chance that new technology will face cyber attacks, which is likely to cost the business substantial amounts. What makes cloud computing so unique is its ability … Read More

Choosing a corporate computing device for mobile users can be a daunting task. Mobile devices are much more personal than traditional PC’s and users express desires which are very heavily influenced by their existing consumer experience and personal preferences.   … Read More

Buying good technology is not enough. Far too often we are see a customer invest in good technology, only to be let down by poor implementation and integration. The cost of addressing poor implementation and integration after the fact is … Read More

When the economy slows, what does the business do with IT? Drive down costs and delay expenditure or innovate to add capability. According to Bob Evans and backed by historical evidence, most will look to contain or drive down costs. Recently, at CloudWorld, … Read More

We live in an open and connected digital world. IT Security doesn’t have to be unnecessarily restrictive. If you follow these tips, you’ll feel greater piece of mind to know you’re well protected. Security isn’t really that hard for the … Read More

Have you ever wondered what IT security breaches cost a small to medium business? We do, because assuring your IT systems availability and consistent performance is big part of what we do every day. From a small and medium sized business … Read More

Business has limited resources to allocate towards investment opporutnities and must make judgement calls as to where to allocate funds that will achieve a return, with a considered risk profile. Cloud solutions are not a must for businesses to operate, … Read More

Micro­­soft Office 365 is gaining significant momentum and growth. If you’re an iPhone user and have adopted Office 365, you’ll need to know how to synchronise your Office 365 mailbox with your phone. This small instructional text explains how. Firstly navigate through your iPhone’s Set­­t­­ings to … Read More

USB Keys are an extremely convenient and cost effective method of transporting data. In the business space, they are often used is with professionals, managers and executives who take their work home. They transfer the files to a USB key, … Read More

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