The need to back up data has been a requirement since the invention of the computer. Data losses can occur for a variety of reasons, including hard drive and system crashes, security breaches and virus infections, and unfortunately most of … Read More

Vulnerabilities in technology are an unfortunate side effect of innovation. For example, when software companies release an update, it can contain weaknesses in the code, which hackers can use to exploit. Once this is realised the vulnerabilities are addressed with … Read More

Cybersecurity insurance might be a new concept for some small and medium-sized businesses. It first appeared in the 1990s to provide insurance coverage for larger organisations, and it initially covered areas such as errors made during data processing, and online … Read More

With most workplaces reliant on digital technology, employees will inevitably leave a digital trace from some of their work-related practices. From the moment that they join, an employee will be digitally connected to your organisation, via a company email address, … Read More

Once user credentials became a necessity for online activity their security, or lack thereof, became a serious concern very shortly after. Up to 81% of online security events occur due to weak or stolen user credentials, and unfortunately employees continue … Read More

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way that many workplaces operate. The traditional practice of staff gathering in a centralised location has changed as this became impractical. Other solutions were sought and implemented, including remote online working and hybrid offices. … Read More

Phishing, i.e. attempts to access and retrieve personal or business information through fraudulent activities, is still regarded as the number one online cybersecurity crime. Cybercriminals are interested in stealing individuals bank details, company’s system login credentials, launching ransomware attacks or … Read More

How Often Should Employees Be Trained in Cybersecurity Awareness? Cybersecurity is an ongoing issue that needs to be carefully managed. Employees should be made aware of the dangers when undertaking work related tasks online. They should be provided opportunities to … Read More

The theft of user’s login details is at an all-time high and is responsible for more data breaches than any other type of cyber-attack. With many businesses and organisations now utilising cloud-based technology, a user’s log in details have become … Read More

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on how businesses manage and control their ICT networks. Historically, most businesses operated with an on-premises network, and would support remote workers by providing VPN access, or perhaps via a remote desktop … Read More

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