Have you ever wondered what IT security breaches cost a small to medium business? We do, because assuring your IT systems availability and consistent performance is big part of what we do every day. From a small and medium sized business … Read More

USB Keys are an extremely convenient and cost effective method of transporting data. In the business space, they are often used is with professionals, managers and executives who take their work home. They transfer the files to a USB key, … Read More

When developing a security strategy, businesses must plan to protect against not just current threats, but all threats, known and unknown. Existing Security Threats don’t go away….Many businesses and end users remain susceptible to a myriad of known attacks due … Read More

Ryan Swindall at Accellion (a premier provider for secure mobile file sharing for enterprises) recently posted an article titled “IT – Thinking twice about the cost of free apps” (click on the title to read the post). The article highlights key trends … Read More

The Australian released an article today stating the FBI warns around 50 of the Fortune 500 companies are among thousands of individual and company’s still infected by an internet virus that could see tens of thousands lose their internet service on … Read More

Why do businesses maintain the behaviour of buying multiple security vendor products when more cost effective, industry proven, consolidated alternatives exist? Unified Threat Management (UTM) takes away the need for complicated, mulit-vendor security implementations for most small and medium sized … Read More

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