Finally, simple and effective protection against cryptolocker on your servers.

Finally, simple and effective protection against cryptolocker on your servers.

Let’s be honest, protecting yourself against Ransomware, in particular Cryptolocker is hard work.

A solitary solution will not protect you, an integrated approach is needed to provide adequate cover. This includes activating Volume Shadow Copy on relevant PC’s, making regular backups of important files (& keeping an offline copy), keeping your machines patched with the latest security patches, ensuring your computers are running up to date anti-virus software and using application whitelisting to hinder the ability of malicious software to execute successfully.

On the topic of application whitelisting….It’s nearly impossible to implement application whitelisting on desktops, and application whitelisting has traditionally been an expensive and complicated process on server operating environments, until now.

We are in desperate need for a quality solution, that’s easy to implement and can be trusted. There might just well have a viable solution, thanks to Sophos.

Sophos, on May 27, released application whitelisting on its Cloud Server Advanced Protection product. Taken straight from the Sophos Press Release:

Sophos Cloud Server Protection Advanced integrates server application whitelisting with anti-malware to deliver single-click server lockdown, using the simple, intuitive Sophos Cloud management console that makes it easy to deploy, manage and maintain.

If this product does what the press release says, and we’ll be testing it to make sure it does, it will be a welcome relief to the majority of our Australian market.


If you’d like more information about Sophos Cloud Server Protection Advanced, please let us know below!