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Wholesale and Distribution companies are dependent on a balanced interaction of supply and demand. It is a constant juggle between business as usual, the development of new customers, cost models and improved services, and the forecasting for inventory management and order processing. Wholesalers and Distributors are leveraging emerging technologies and developing an integrated supply chain strategy in an effort to attain operational excellence and market differentiation.

Wholesale and distribution companies have particular needs. Are your technology solutions addressing your specific business needs?

Business Issues & Challenges

Advances in technology are increasing productivity and efficiency of warehouse and distribution operations; and the industry opportunities are up for grabs in expanding market size due to online sales. Challenges to the wholesale industry, in addition to fuel prices, include organisations bypassing distributors by selling direct, fluctuating interest rates, downside impact of the economic conditions of the industries they serve, the increasing costs associated with heightened security, logistical complexity of multiple locations, and digital integration of records.

While technology is helping the wholesale distribution industry increase efficiencies to improve its bottom line, technology also serves manufacturers and retailers looking to rob business from distributors by improving supply chain efficiencies. Distributors are working to overcome this by value adding services that are helpful, and billable to, manufacturers and retailers, using technology as a key enabler.

Wholesale and Distribution businesses, are also more than ever under global competitive pressure and as such:

  • Best in class inventory management is critical.
  • World class Stock Management and logistics is a must
  • Cash flow is king, particularly when margins are being squeezed.
  • Operating at top efficiency 24x7x365 is becoming the norm
  • Expanding with new product lines and selling to new markets for growth.
  • Changing the way business is done, with more and more sales occurring electronically.


Skills & Experience

At Aryon, we are here to support your always-on business.

Specifically, we have skills and experience in:

  • Snappy wireless networks enabling new and improved inventory management practices
  • Safe and secure next generation networks and protection, keeping you connected and accessible to a global market.
  • Cloud Delivered IT Solutions, taking the lumpy capital expense out of your ICT expenses.
  • Using data to provide insight for more informed and faster decision making
  • Industry best in class out-tasked IT operations and support that you can rely on, enabling you to focus on what you do best.


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