Sophos  Solution – A Chat with Simon Burley, PPK Group

Sophos Solution – A Chat with Simon Burley, PPK Group

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We talked with IT Manager Simon Burley to delve into PPK Group’s approach to securing their IT systems using Sophos Cloud.

Tell us a little bit about PPK?

PPK Group was established back in December 1994 and was originally focused on the manufacture and importation of plastics products. In 2006,
we refocused the business around property investments. Then in November 2013, the company shifted focus once more, as we branched out into the
provision of services and equipment for the coal mining industry.

Why did you need to secure your business all of a sudden?

Following a period of strong growth, which saw our staff numbers swell from 15 to 120 in less than 12 months, we needed to secure our corporate infrastructure in order to monitor, update and protect our geographically
disparate workforce with flexibility and ease. It is important for us to protect our intellectual property to prevent our patents, designs and models getting into a competitor’s hands, which could cause big problems for the business.

What were you looking for in an IT security provider?

We wanted a best-of-breed security solution that would protect our users and protect them well. We also wanted a solution that matched the needs of the business and could scale up as it continues to grow. Finally, we needed to ensure our environment was secure and our IP protected, without compromising on the organisation’s productivity.

Download the case study to find out more.

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