Businesses can and do gain significant benefits from tranforming with cloud business applications. Business benefit with cloud services through: Gaining advantage over the competition, Introducing capabilities that only large enterprises could previously afford, Make people and business more productive, Gaining improved TCO over traditional … Read More

Generation Y bring much to the table with their energy, youthful idealism, fresh ideas and connection with Gen Y customers. They are our next big wave coming through the workforce and we need them. Leaders and Managers, especially those from a … Read More

Click below to read this Executive Brief by Frost and Sullivan, sponsored by IBM. Virtualization for MidSize Businesses: Keep your foot on the Accelerator

The Australian released an article today stating the FBI warns around 50 of the Fortune 500 companies are among thousands of individual and company’s still infected by an internet virus that could see tens of thousands lose their internet service on … Read More

Why do businesses maintain the behaviour of buying multiple security vendor products when more cost effective, industry proven, consolidated alternatives exist? Unified Threat Management (UTM) takes away the need for complicated, mulit-vendor security implementations for most small and medium sized … Read More

We are often asked – What is a good backup? The real answer is one you have tested, know the data is there and that you can get at it. Clients often run the backup ritual on a daily/weekly/monthly basis … Read More

Many economists are predicting the GFC will not end soon. In fact many predict the global economy will not start to return to it’s bullish nature until after 2020. What does this mean for SME’s? Generally speaking, businesses will look … Read More

Organisations can access enterprise grade productivity software they’re already used to with the Microsoft Office Suite. No upfront infrastructure investment is needed. Organisations sign up and pay for only what they consume. Office 365 brings the capability to increase productivity … Read More

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