2023 Annual Cybersecurity Attitudes and Behaviours Report Reveals Eye-Opening Insights

2023 Annual Cybersecurity Attitudes and Behaviours Report Reveals Eye-Opening Insights

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The 2023 Annual Cybersecurity Attitudes and Behaviours Report unveils eye-opening insights into how people perceive and respond to cyber threats, with actionable steps to improve their cybersecurity posture. The National Cybersecurity Alliance and CybSafe join forces annually to publish this report, aiming to educate individuals and organisations on securing their digital lives.  

Their 2023 study surveyed over 6,000 people across six countries, exploring knowledge of cybersecurity risks, best practices, and challenges faced. Let’s delve into the key findings. 

We Spend a Significant Amount of Time Connected to the Internet  

A massive 93% of study participants log on daily, highlighting our digital dependence. Login creations, particularly those containing sensitive data, are on the rise. Nearly half (47%) of respondents manage ten or more sensitive online accounts. This significantly amplifies the threat, especially if they reuse passwords across these accounts.  

People Find Online Security Frustrating 

While a high 84% prioritise online security, a concerning 39% feel frustrated, and nearly as many feel intimidated. Only a little over half believe they control their digital security, leaving a significant gap in confidence.  

Don’t surrender and become a target. Here are powerful best practices to secure online accounts:  

  • Activate multi-factor authentication for added protection.  
  • Employ an email spam filter to shield against phishing attempts.  
  • Boost security with a DNS filter that blocks malicious websites.  
  • Implement strong password practices to create unbreakable barriers.  

Expanding Access to Cybersecurity Training is Crucial 

Training offers a powerful weapon against human error in cybersecurity. Alarmingly, only 26% of survey participants received cybersecurity training. Employers hold the key to dramatically reducing their data breach risk by investing in robust security awareness training for their workforce.  

Reports of Cybercrime are Surging 

A staggering 27% of survey participants confessed to falling victim to cybercrime. Phishing scams topped the list, ensnaring nearly half (47%) of those affected. Millennials emerged as the generation most frequently targeted by cybercriminals. 

Fortifying your defences with cybersecurity best practices is crucial. Let’s explore some of these powerful strategies. 

Power Up Your Online Defence: Essential Security Best Practices 

  • Start strong with unique, complex passwords for every account.  
  • Double down on security with multi-factor authentication.  
  • Keep your defences current by updating all software regularly.  
  • Approach links and attachments with caution, especially in unknown emails.  
  • Connect only to secure, password-protected Wi-Fi networks.  
  • Back up crucial data regularly to an external device or secure cloud service.  
  • Install reputable antivirus and anti-malware software on all devices.  
  • Review and adjust your social media privacy settings.  
  • Lock your devices with strong passwords or biometric authentication.  
  • Empower yourself and your team with cybersecurity awareness programs.  

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