Finally a Game Changer to Eradicating Ransomware with Sophos Intercept X

Finally a Game Changer to Eradicating Ransomware with Sophos Intercept X

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Could the fear of handing over thousands of dollars because of ransomware cryptolocker attacks be a thing of the past with the release of Intercept X from Sophos?

Sophos are releasing their new software; Sophos Intercept X this month.

What is it designed to do? Intercept X detects malicious data activity with the goal of stopping ransomware in its tracks.

How does it work? It detects when a file or process is potentially being attacked and reverses the files back to their original state. This happens automatically with ZERO intervention from the user or your IT support.

What’s the result? You can now be effective defending against ransomware and zero-day attacks (a new hacker attack where the security companies aren’t aware and / or can’t detect it yet).

Before this product, defences against ransomware have been largely ineffective; Intercept X is the first real product to pose a clear and unequivocal knock-out blow to ransomware.


Aryon are true believers in this product and see it as a real game changer, with the first real evolutionary change on eradicating the effectiveness of ransomware cryptolocker attacks.

Watch this video to see Cryptolocker in action and the devastating impact of Ransomware :

It’s not a matter of whether you’ll get attacked, it’s a case of when and what you’re going to do about it.

Aryon specialise in helping protect businesses from new age cyber security threats. If you’re a little concerned and want some advice contact one of our technology consultants today by giving us a call or dropping us an email. You can also check out Intercept-X for yourself with a free trial.

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