EOFY Smart Technology Choices

EOFY Smart Technology Choices

There’s no better time than now to solve all those problems you’ve been putting off due to capital expense outlays. With the federal government offering a $20,000 tax incentive for small businesses, and the many end-of-year sales promotions in the market, now is the time to review the functionality of your business and projections for the year ahead.

Here’s an article from the Sydney Morning Herald to take a quick look at.

We aren’t advocating that you to spend money for the sake of it, however please do consider that if you’ve been holding out on spending a few dollars or you know that you need to spend the money on IT in the next few months, you might be better off taking the initiative now.

Technology vendors are generally more willing to offer compelling special deals to save you a few dollars as well, so you might want to consider the following, as these problems can generally be solved without a big capital outlay

  • We are in Queensland and, although, it’s not storm season, computer damage from storms are frequent and expensive. The damage potential can be massive and the cost to take the pain and risk virtually off the table is relatively inexpensive via the intelligent use of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). If you don’t have a UPS or yours has not been tested in the last 12 months, you might want to take a look at it.

  • Cyber Threats are a big problem. Advanced Network Firewalls and Anti-Ransomware technology is available and can be used to virtually take the problem away. If you don’t have anti-ransomware technology deployed on your PC’s or Servers, then definitely consider this as an option. If your Network Firewall doesn’t offer protection from Web, Email and Advanced Malware threats, then also consider putting one of these in front of your network.
  • Backup and Recovery is often forgotten, however is critical at moments of truths when there’s a real problem. The only reason you backup is to ensure you can recover. If the backup solution you are using isn’t confirming backups – and testing restoration – you need to consider this as a potential opportunity.
  • Seven out of 10 people in small to medium businesses complain about poor Wifi. Business is moving from cubicles and desks to a mobile workforce and multiple locations. It’s the way of the future! If you’ve been concerned about the cost and complexity, there are simple Wifi solutions that are cost effective and also give you the visibility and control you need.
All of the problems about can be solved by smart use of appropriate and cost-effective technology led solutions. If any of these strike a chord, now is the right time to act.