The Importance of Managing Acceptable Use Policies

The Importance of Managing Acceptable Use Policies

Far too often, employees are not adopting appropriate, responsible use of technology. This hinders their ability to contribute to the common goal of the business, and it can also expose the business to potentially harmful cyber threats or legal implications.

An Acceptable Use Policy is a guideline of appropriate, and responsible technology use.

The difficulty lies in validating who is operating outside the bounds of what is “acceptable”.

If we’re not measuring what our employees are doing, how can we manage effectively?

The information we receive today is not anywhere near enough to manage an Acceptable Use Policy. At best, most of us are shown technical data like IP addresses or device names correlated with website or application categories, leaving us guessing.

It may seem like a relatively simple request – “Just tell me who’s behaving outside acceptable bounds, so I can manage it”. However, the reason you’re not getting what you want, is because it’s a complex task that many underestimate.

Consider that most users carry multiple devices, and that user can then access the network and the internet in a multitude of ways and then possibly isn’t concerned about your acceptable use policies.

Please let us know if you would like to know more about digital citizenship and acceptable use policies; or meaningful reports to monitor and manage this process.

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