The advanced nature of cybersecurity means that criminals now have many points of access. These now include previously unthought of items such as children’s toys and even our garbage. Many common items can lead to information or identity theft but … Read More

The number of applications and digital tools that employees use on a regular basis is growing, with some departments utilising between 40 and 60 different digital tools to carry out their tasks. Many apps generate alerts and notifications, such as … Read More

AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT, are frequently in the headlines, and they certainly provide a lot of useful capabilities for their users; though as with many new online technologies, there will be those who use them to exploit and cause … Read More

The need to back up data has been a requirement since the invention of the computer. Data losses can occur for a variety of reasons, including hard drive and system crashes, security breaches and virus infections, and unfortunately most of … Read More

On the 27th of February, the Australian government convened a cybersecurity roundtable to make Australia the most cyber-secure country by 2030. Members from the public service, and intelligence agencies, along with experts from business and industry, were in attendance to … Read More

Vulnerabilities in technology are an unfortunate side effect of innovation. For example, when software companies release an update, it can contain weaknesses in the code, which hackers can use to exploit. Once this is realised the vulnerabilities are addressed with … Read More

No business wants to incur a cyberattack or data breach, but in the current online environment, it can be difficult to avoid them completely. According to an IBM Security report 83% of businesses have experienced at least one data breach. … Read More

The misconfiguration of cloud apps and online security protocols is often overlooked when businesses are planning their cyber risk mitigation strategies. Apps located in the cloud are generally easy to access and sign up for, and the consumer often ignores … Read More

During the first months of 2022, malware attacks targeting mobile devices surged by an incredible 500%. This escalation is alarming both in its size, and because many mobile device holders and owners are not protecting their devices. Mobile device users tend … Read More

Data privacy and the protection of data has been evolving since the inception of the internet. With significant volumes of information being shared online, governments and industry bodies have been impelled to formulate and enforce privacy regulations to protect individuals … Read More

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