Intelligent Reporting on Student Online Behaviour

Intelligent Reporting on Student Online Behaviour

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Do you want focused, productive, and (hopefully) happy students?

I certainly do. I’ve found that achieving that result, means more than just saying it. It requires good old fashioned management.

With many schools being connected and reliant on the virtual reality of the internet, students and staff are faced with a whole range of issues, distractions and nasty temptations they might not even know exist. What’s worse, is that it’s happening in the back ground on your network, with substantial ramifications.

These include:

  • socialising in the virtual world at any time, any place; which means gossiping and bullying happens via social media on a larger scale;
  • easier access to dangerous material or people online;

  • getting distracted by social media, email notifications or instant messaging, meaning a more challenging learning environment;
  • downloading and watching movies, games and youtube clips; and
  • accessing unsavory website sources, prone to malware.

None of us wants to be the bad cop, however, if you can’t monitor behaviour, how can you manage it? And as a manager, that’s our job!

To manage, we must measure. To measure, we must have the data to interpret what we’re monitoring.

​A wide range of management tools are available. These tools can be relatively easy to use and rewarding. We have found the best results come from making the complex data presentable; in easy to understand and meaningful reports.

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