The Technology Threats Of 2024

The Technology Threats Of 2024

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Technology Threats Of 2024 

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and it is important that your business not only embraces these changes, but is also aware of the dangers they can bring. 

With the average cost of a data breach being estimated at A$6.75 million dollars, now more than ever is the time to be diligent.

As we move into 2024, we highlight some of the technology threats that we see emerging. 

Advances In Computing And Microchips 

As the power of computing grows, so do the threats that can be created by it, and the damage that can be caused. Conventional passwords are going to come under even greater pressure, along with current encryption methods, as the power of computers and their chips accelerate at an alarming pace. 

Attacks On Supply Chains 

Attacks perpetrated through the supply chain are a constant threat and are likely to grow. By undertaking these, cybercriminals can infiltrate systems through third parties in order to achieve their malicious goals.  

Augmented And Virtual Reality Exploited 

With AR and VR technologies evolving we expect to see an increase in their exploitation by cybercriminals. Similar to crimes in the online gaming sector, consumer manipulation, fraud, and privacy breaches are likely to increase in this area. 

Biometric Data 

With biometric authentication methods such as fingerprints and facial recognition becoming mainstream, an increase of criminality involving biometric data is expected, and one particular concern is that once biometric data has been compromised, it cannot be changed, unlike a password. Therefore, ongoing vigilance will be needed to protect data and to prevent its misuse through fraud or identify theft. 

Data Poisoning 

With a new reliance on datasets for the training of AI models, data poisoning is a major issue with worldwide consequences. The poisoning occurs through the corruption of the datasets used, which can lead to misinformation and bad decisions being made in critical sectors such as healthcare and finance. As such, ongoing vigilance will be required, and the onus will be on governments and businesses to ensure the safety and integrity of their information. 

Phishing Attacks Becoming More Sophisticated 

Phishing attacks will become more sophisticated in 2024, due to the existence of AI. AI allows for phishing to be better crafted, more believable, and better targeted. Additionally, an increase in vishing, i.e. fake voice calls, is also expected, as voice generation programs become more widely used. 

Ransomware Attacks 

In recent years ransomware attacks have evolved from basic theft, to the adding of encryption by the threat actor, to the additional on-selling of the stolen data. With this type of attack becoming more versatile and dangerous, it is likely that we will see even greater ransom demands placed, and even more devious actions enacted. 

The Manipulation Of Artificial Intelligence 

As seen in previous points, Artificial Intelligence, while being transformative, is also easily manipulated, and this does, and will continue to, contribute to many crimes being committed. Through the use of advanced learning, automation, deepfakes, and more, the crimes that can be committed through the use of AI are numerous, including fraud, illegal data access, misinformation and theft. 

Vulnerabilities Through The 5G Network 

As 5G technology is increasingly adopted, there will also be an increase in the number of devices which are under threat. With a rise in surfaces and broadening of the attack vector, IoT devices in particular are susceptible to any vulnerabilities in the 5G network. 

Tips For Business To keep your cyber risks in check In 2024 

With cyberthreats to business to continue, and an increase in complexity expected, businesses need to be on top of their game. Following are some tips that businesses can use to strengthen their cybersecurity position. 

  • Back up your data regularly. Air gap your backups from your prime data sets. 
  • Embrace continuous education for yourself and your staff about technology threats. 
  • Invest in cybersecurity.  
  • Never click on a suspicious link or attachment. 
  • Report any suspicious or malicious activity to the Australian Cyber Security Centre
  • Update devices, software, and systems regularly. 
  • Utilise strong passwords, password managers, and multi-factor authentication. 
  • Verify the legitimacy of anyone interacting with your business.  

Do You Need Help With Your Cybersecurity In 2024? 

The security measures that you have in place right now might not be enough for what is about to come. Aryon Technology Solutions is aware of the latest security threats and can reduce your exposure to them. Contact us today for an obligation free consultation.

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